Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time warp

Seems like barely yesterday that the leaves were changing colors and the nights brought a chill with them. Every day held thoughts of guns and dogs and birds and every weekend took shape around the hunt.

Then the leaves were gone and the annual weight gain otherwise known as the holiday season rolled into town. Turkey, family, football, holly, Santa, empty boxes and wrapping paper and then all of that was gone too. Still, it was bird season and soon there would be no competing for the woods with the deer hunters.

Now, staring at the last two weeks of the season it doesn't seem possible that the next eight months will ever pass, nor does it seem possible that the last four months are gone. In truth they pass more quickly every year, same as the right-hand digits of my age, and remain utterly indifferent to all efforts designed to slow or stretch them.

There are still a few fires left to burn but most of the wood in the rack will get to simmer over the summer before it gets a turn, patiently waiting for the time when 50 degrees will be reason to break out a pullover instead of a welcome warm spell. Were it not for the certainty that autumn returns every year this would be a most depressing time.


  1. It's a particularly unique group: those who look at spring as an end, rather than a beginning.

  2. I have to admit that, while I feel the same way (especially since I had a not-half-bad quail season) I'm also kinda getting antsy to get out in the kayak and do some fishing. Been a really cold winter. That'll last until about June, and then I'll be griping about summer and wishing fall would get here again...

  3. Agree with both of you. If autumn is sweet, February is bittersweet.