Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pointers & birds

Went hunting with some friends last weekend and took my wife's camera along. It's a 35mm SLR with a lot more capability than my pocket-size point & shoot and I'm determined to get proficient with it. Not much else on my mind this week anyway so I figured I'd post a few pics.

English pointer

English pointer
Show jumper

English pointers on point
Wind blowing 25mph makes for hard work

Bobwhite flushing
First bird out gets shot
I never got the pic of a 20-bird covey rise that I wanted.  We found several that size but the camera was always in the bag. This was a much smaller covey but I captured a few birds in full stroke:

Bobwhite covey flushing

English pointer
Ghost eye

English pointer
Turn on a dime

Bird dog at rest
Everyone has to wait his turn

English pointer face shot
Tools of the trade

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  1. Great Pics! Love those English Pointers.