Friday, July 31, 2015

Beating the heat (or trying)

We finally got a break from the oppressive heat and humidity today, but the last month or so has been almost unbearable. A few weeks ago I asked my wife how she'd feel about moving to Canada. "Montana," she said, "but not Canada." We'll see.

The only time we can get out and run is right around sunrise, so the dogs and I have been hopping over to the game management land not far from the house.  There aren't any quail, just doves and deer and rabbits and hogs and lots of space to run. It's fun for an hour or so until the temp starts rising.

Bird dog pup follows another
Show me how this is done

Bird dog pup looking up
Are those dove on that wire?

Bird dog pup in profile

Dog looking at cloudy sky
Even these don't beat the heat
Bird dog pup looking back at me
You coming?

Pup with deer turd in mouth
I was proud until I realized this was a deer turd

Bird dog pointing field mice
Field mice. Again.

Bird dog pup looking through grass
If we can just get this look on birds someday...
It's something to do until the real seasons arrive. That and try to grow more bobwhites. Stay tuned for an update on our Great Bobwhite Revival in a couple of weeks. Things are picking up steam.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Insta summer project

I've pretty much avoided the social media thing, at least for recreational purposes. I don't have a Twitter account, or a Snapchat account or a Vine account or a Pinterest account. Figuring that our fledgling state bobwhite project would eventually need a Facebook page to reach the masses, I did create a Facebook account but to date have rarely used it.

My recent renewal of a long-time interest in photography has turned my eye toward Instagram, however. While there are millions of selfies and other stupid wastes of pixels on there, a number of talented photographers share their work on it and if you're patient enough to find them, the viewing's pretty good.

So about a month ago I crossed over to the dark side and created an account and it wasn't long before I could no longer resist the urge to post a few of my own shots. If you have an account and are curious, wander on over to @spentcartridge or click the badge below. Some of the pics you've seen here, others are only on Instagram.  Fair warning: expect more than a few of Floyd, at least for a while.

Straight to my profile: 


If you like what you see, click on the +Follow button. I'd like to get that total up to at least a hundred or so. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Novel Idea

Got a news release from the NBCI this morning that's an encouraging sign of progress on the bobwhite front. The Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, a federally appointed group advising both the Dept of Interior and Dept of Agriculture, issued a statement saying that adopting the NBCI's approach would “proactively avert problems that have occurred with
other declining game bird species like Lesser Prairie-Chicken and Greater Sage-Grouse.” At last a voice of reason in DC.

The WHHCC is composed of the heads of several state and federal agencies and numerous non-profit conservation organizations. The acknowledgment of the problem (and solution) at this level is vital, and so is the realization that, had action been taken earlier, the current state of the prairie chicken and sage grouse might have been averted.

More from the release:
“…now is the time for federal actions to prevent future ‘listing anxiety’,” wrote John Tomke, council chairman. “Your departments have the opportunity to ensure the restoration of habitat for bobwhite quail, other declining grassland birds and pollinators on private croplands, rangelands and forest lands. In addition, many National Forests, National Parks, National Battlefields, Military Parks and National Wildlife Refuges are ideal places …”
With a bajillion dollar deficit and more fires than the surface of the sun, getting any proactive measures out of the government is difficult, but without a push from citizens and advisory councils it doesn't stand a chance. Find your way to push.

Full news release here.