Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ever seen this photo?

It was hanging in a friend's office when I did a double take.  He won it at a raffle and said there were no credits to the photographer anywhere on it.  I'd love to know who snapped the original.

Bird dog jumping barbed wire

Yep, that top strand is barbed wire.  Still trying to decide if this is incredible athletic ability or yet another bird dog gone mad.


  1. Great photo!

    Did a search, and the photographer turned out to be Jack Richard. Photos were taken near Cody, Wyoming. You can buy prints, if you'd like -- ordering info at the links.

    Link One

    Link Two

    Found these by copying your photo url into Google Images [after clicking on the camera icon], and the first link was the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, with the image above in the left sidebar. Unreal what you can do these days...