Thursday, January 31, 2013

Browning Merino Boot Sock - Gear Review

The older I get, the less I take certain things for granted. For the better part of 40 years I barely noticed my feet, durable and reliable as a hammer in spite of having more moving parts.  And then one day they had enough of the unsung hero thing. Since then, Dr. Scholl's makes house calls in nearly every pair of my shoes.

Fitting, then, that I close out Gear Review January with the most mundane and under-appreciated of equipment. Rob at said these were the best socks he'd ever worn. If somebody's gushing about socks there must be something to it, so I rolled the dice.

No, I'm not getting compensated by Browning for back-to-back posts about their gear. These and the Hell's Canyon jacket are the only two pieces of their clothing I own, although I did try a pair of their boots once. They pinched my feet like that old aunt used to do your cheeks, and that was back when my feet could take a beating with little more than a "thank you sir, may I have another?"
Browning Merino boot sock

There's only so much you can say about a tube of wool. These have just the right thickness, wick perspiration, keep your feet warm on cold days and aren't unbearable when the temperature rises.  Most importantly they don't bunch, ride, twist, sag or otherwise get all wadded up in your boots.  That doesn't bother some people but it annoys the dookie out of me.  If I can't get my socks tight and right I'll take my boots off and fix them.  And that annoys the dookie out of whoever I'm with.

Maybe the best feature is that they are dirt cheap, around $10 a pair.  Look around and you'll see boot socks going for $30-40 and I'm here to tell you that unless they put themselves on and fart on command they're not any better than these.

Socks that don't have me thinking about my feet are doing their job.

Your money's worth:  At $10 it's hard to go wrong.

Where it comes up short:  Tends to pill a bit when your wife runs them through the dryer instead of hanging them to dry. And they're not waterproof.

Get a pair if: You don't want to notice your socks.

Look around before shelling out the bucks:  Your boots leak and you need Gore-Tex.

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  1. I got some of these for Christmas and I agree. They are excellent socks!!