Friday, July 31, 2015

Beating the heat (or trying)

We finally got a break from the oppressive heat and humidity today, but the last month or so has been almost unbearable. A few weeks ago I asked my wife how she'd feel about moving to Canada. "Montana," she said, "but not Canada." We'll see.

The only time we can get out and run is right around sunrise, so the dogs and I have been hopping over to the game management land not far from the house.  There aren't any quail, just doves and deer and rabbits and hogs and lots of space to run. It's fun for an hour or so until the temp starts rising.

Bird dog pup follows another
Show me how this is done

Bird dog pup looking up
Are those dove on that wire?

Bird dog pup in profile

Dog looking at cloudy sky
Even these don't beat the heat
Bird dog pup looking back at me
You coming?

Pup with deer turd in mouth
I was proud until I realized this was a deer turd

Bird dog pointing field mice
Field mice. Again.

Bird dog pup looking through grass
If we can just get this look on birds someday...
It's something to do until the real seasons arrive. That and try to grow more bobwhites. Stay tuned for an update on our Great Bobwhite Revival in a couple of weeks. Things are picking up steam.

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