Monday, July 21, 2014

Thermometer games

Every few years or so we get lucky and catch a spell of cooler days right in the middle of summer.  Cool as in low 60s when you wake up and maybe mid-70s when the sun's up top. May not sound like much but it's sure welcome when 95 is the norm.

Watching fireworks on the 4th I told my wife that I couldn't remember doing that without fighting the urge to stare at them through the windshield, A/C on full. And there was a breeze to boot. The next morning we had coffee in the backyard, a ritual normally reserved for April or, if we're lucky, early May.

Saturday the temps were cool again and it even rained all day, just like it does in some other seasons I know of. Mother Nature is such a tease.

And then last week the bird hunting issue of Gray's hit the shelves. New names mostly, which is nice every so often. I couldn't help noticing that there wasn't a bobwhite story anywhere in in. Great. Now they've disappeared from Gray's, too.


  1. Sitting here enjoying mid-70s and rain as I type this. Been a weird year. Started out as one of the driest stretches the state's ever seen, then about sixty days ago the rain started, the temps moderated, and besides a short hot stretch here and there, it's been a cool, wet summer. So much so that I'm becoming increasingly optimistic about the coming quail season. Think it's gonna be a decent one, for once.

    1. Been watching your drought situation with much sympathy. Glad to hear it's moderating. Spring and summer rains (not monsoons like we had last year) are a bobwhite brood's best friend.

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