Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calendar check (1 week to Father's Day)

Given the dearth of good post material around my place lately I thought I'd offer up a public service announcement. Next weekend is Father's Day and if you're still looking for a gift, something other than a tie, I have a suggestion.

50 cal bottle opener

I picked one of these up around the first of the year from an outfit called Lucky Shot which makes all kinds of stuff from old cartridges. This model runs about $12 and everyone who comes in the house wants to try it. I've used bullet bottle openers before that had a half-ass notch cut in them and made opening a bottle more puzzle than prerequisite, but this one got it right.

And if Dad doesn't drink beer that comes in bottles, you could always punch a hole in the can with the business end.

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  1. Gosh I hate to read it late! Anyway my grandpa’s bday is coming soon and this would be perfect gift! Thanks for sharing this Mark!

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