Saturday, October 5, 2013

What I learned in the first season

The first stint of dove season closed today and I learned a few things:
  1. You can have the best looking sunflower field in the world and it doesn't guarantee birds. All it guarantees is that you will show up every week hoping for birds.
  2. The best spot in a field often faces directly into the sun.
  3. A dead bird that falls into a tree will end up on the ground somewhere underneath that tree. Unless the tree is a red cedar, in which case you'd better start looking for a long stick.
  4. Fire ants inhabit hay bales. Don't ask, just file it away.
Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but he can still learn some things the hard way.


  1. I am forever grateful that fire ants haven't made a home here yet.. Once upon a time I lived in Texas and did iron work for my brother in law. I was moving some sheet metal with another guy and stuck my gloved hands in the dirt underneath one end while waiting for slacker kid (who worked 2 days) to grab the other. As soon as we started moving it I dropped my end and ruined the bunch, found about 15 fire ants in my glove, and couldn't put it on for a week with all the swelling. Those buggers are evil.

    1. Yeah, they can swim too. We were walking through a flooded section of field years ago and one of the guys actually said, "At least we don't have to worry about fire ants."