Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Killin' time

I drove by the sunflower field this week. It's one of those things you do when dove season isn't here but you really want it to be and there's nothing you can do to make it get here. Faster. With all the rain we've had I wasn't sure what to expect, hopes high anyway.

They were there in their fading yellow splendor, taller than me with heads the size of frisbees. The weeds weren't too bad either. Never underestimate the power of a good weed crop to hide dead birds.

This may be the most difficult time of year. I've gone through the gear, the same stuff I cleaned and organized and put away with care at the end of last season and it's all there, just like I left it. No good excuse to buy anything new. No point in doing any scouting since the birds will either be in the field or they won't. Not much to do but wait.

There's always brown liquor if it gets too bad.


  1. We are geared up and ready for 9/2 opener here! Been training the dog with dove scent for 2 weeks...cannot wait

  2. I'm just in a holding pattern, myself, waiting...

  3. No fields of yellow here-loggers came through and used our food plots as skid stations (or did we use their skid stations as food plots? (Chicken/Egg situation really))

    However, the ponds are showing nice activity-so that's where we'll be setting up.