Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mourning dove season again in Michigan? Nugent's on it.

Looks like another state is inching closer to a dove season, and chiming in this time is none other than the Nuge:

I haven't vetted his statistics about dove being more numerous in Michigan than pheasant, quail, grouse and woodcock combined, or about dove hunting providing more recreation than fishing for bluegills, but he's probably not too far off the mark. Making this situation even more curious is the fact that in 2005, Michigan had a dove season. A single dove season. And then anti-dove hunting factions managed to place a referendum on the ballot that effectively scrubbed it.

Part of what brought voters out against dove hunting is that the dove is - get this - Michigan's state bird of peace. What?  Isn't that about as necessary as a state corn flake?

What Ted's so giddy about is a piece of legislation recently signed into law that places the ability to designate game species in the hands of the state Natural Resources Commission. Where did this control previously rest?  Within the immense pit of knowledge known as the state legislature. The same governing body that felt there was a justified need for a state bird of peace.

I'm pulling for you Michiganders, and if they take your season away again, come on down to South Carolina.  We let you hunt dove, our winters are warmer and we have no shortage of embarrassing politicians.


  1. I'm pulling for them ,too, despite being forced to share said hope with Turd Nugent...

    1. He's a piece of work, alright. He does a fine job of making the rest of us look completely rational.