Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apple and the dog

I don't own any of her CDs and in fact couldn't tell you the name of even one of her songs. The only thing that immediately comes to mind when you mention her name is that her bus got stopped coming back into Texas a few months ago and she was locked up for possession of hashish.  She may have been good and baked when she wrote this letter, but it still hits home:

Bottom line is dogs don't care who you are as long as you're good to them.  You can be the biggest fuckup in the world and they'll think you're perfect.  And so we do things like forego six figure paydays, sleep on the floor with them, make certain their last breath is filled with bird scent, even tell them it's ok to leave us behind, all in the naive but well-intentioned notion that we can somehow pay them back.


  1. Got a bit choked up reading of my bird dogs is 12 and I fear this day in the future. He is fine now but the signs of age are unmistakeable.

  2. I read about this in an article on CNN. I admire her choice and like that you blogged about it. I hadn't read her letter until now and it too got me choked up. Thanks for sharing it.

    In case your interested here is the article I read.