Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I never knew bird hunting was so sexy

Yeah, it got my attention too.  Seems one of my biggest referring sites lately is  Back in the day when I was single I'd have figured out a way to parlay this into something useful.  Of course back in that day blogs didn't exist and I was way too busy perfecting my rap to write posts or check referral stats anyway.

Now that I'm following in Al Bundy's footsteps I can sit around at night and ponder such mysteries as "Why would link to my blog?" and even more puzzling, "Why would someone looking for love at click on a link to my blog?" Doesn't seem to be a whole lot in it for either of them.  I mean, we got a little love over here but it's not really that kind.

Only kidding, honey....


  1. is that an upland special in twenty? or a superlight superposed?

  2. Upland special. It's too light for a lot of people but I find it perfect for carrying all day and it swings just fine for a smaller guy like me.