Sunday, December 4, 2011

This takes more patience than I'll ever have

Gun engraving is an art that sparks mixed emotions from me.  Unfortunately it's usually found on guns that populate a higher price range than those I'm familiar with (desire).  At times it seems a bit impractical given the normal use of its medium (bewilderment).  Even the most pedestrian examples are beautiful (awe).  And it requires a skill that takes years if not decades to master (more awe).

While reading the latest issue of the online magazine Sporting Shot, I stumbled across a link to a blog by engraver Keith Thomas.  He's far from prolific on the posting side - I think I counted eight over a five year stretch - but it's interesting to read his perspective.  And the work is simply extraordinary.  I poached the image below as a tease..

There are more examples of his work in the Sporting Shot article.


  1. My title would be "This takes more skill than I'll ever have". I too am in awe of these guys. I cannot imagine putting a chisel to any gun! Might as well try to remove my own spleen - 100% certain disaster.

    The sublime beauty of a flawlessly engraved double gun, particularly one with tight English scroll, is the one true extravagance that I wish I could indulge.

  2. My title would be "This takes more money to buy than I'll ever have" (fact).