Friday, October 28, 2011

If you're in the neighborhood...

Tall Timbers Research Station, the preeminent organization studying bobwhite ecology in the southeast, is hosting a field day on Friday, November 11th, in the heart of South Carolina's quail country.  The venue is Groton Plantation, a 23,000 acre facility just outside of Estill in Hampton County.  On the docket are a regional hatch report, a presentation on Groton's wild quail management, and an update on the South Carolina Quail Project.  You can download the brochure here.

Flying under the radar even in these parts, the South Carolina Quail Project is an offshoot of Tall Timbers' work focused on habitat unique to the Carolina coastal plain.  They're also experimenting with some new methods of restocking bobwhite populations, an practice that hasn't previously met with much success.  Restocking has worked well with other species (whitetail deer, wild turkey) and success with quail would enable rapid recovery of numbers in areas hit hard by adverse weather or faster building of populations on tracts that have undergone dramatic habitat improvements.  It's no silver bullet but it sure would be a nice tool to have available.

A November day in the South Carolina lowcountry can be as pretty as one anywhere.  Might be too long of a road trip for you western guys but for NC/SC/GA residents it's worth the drive if you can play hooky for a day.


  1. Groton is the gold standard for wild quail management in SC. You wouldn't believe it if I told you how many coveys were marked on the covey board back in the late 70s. ;)
    The late James Kilgo wrote Deep Enough for Ivory Bills which is centered upon events and members of the T. Huntington Abbott Club's beginnings on Groton in the 1970s. If you haven't read it, you have a fine book to read.

  2. I've heard stories about Groton and am still trying to figure out a way to ditch work on Nov 11 to have a chance to see the place. Thanks for the tip on the book Gil, I've already located a copy and I'm looking forward to settling into it.

  3. the Tall Timbers HQ just north of Tallahassee is a really cool place to drop in and tour, if you're ever in the area.