Friday, May 27, 2011

Well, it's a start...Zuckerberg now killing what he eats

Saw a clip on CNBC of Fortune's Patricia Sellers discussing a piece she did on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Now this doesn't have a whole lot to do with wingshooting, at least not yet, and I'm not even a big Facebook fan.  I don't have an account and observing those who do only makes me feel smarter.  It seems about the biggest time waste of this century, so far.  Well, that and Twitter.  Anyway, the story is about Zuckerberg's personal challenge this year, which is to only eat meat that he kills.

According to the story he took up the challenge after a pig roast at his house where many of his guests were averse to the fact that the pork they were eating used to be alive. I gotta give the guy credit - in California, in the circles I assume he's part of, it takes a lot to step up and do something so un-PC.  Maybe he is deserving of that Time Man of the Year award.  And it gets better.  Sellers writes:
"What's next on this journey? He's told people that he's interested in going hunting."
If this guy tries hunting and likes it, he's gonna post about it.  And that means 500 million people with not a whole lot to do are gonna find out about it, and a whole bunch of them, being young and impressionable, may even give it a try.  And I'll just have to be damned if Facebook ends up turning the tide of the conservation movement.  I might have to re-think my position on social media.

Of course if he tries hunting and doesn't like it......well I'd rather not think about it.  Keep earning that Man of the Year, bud.

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