Monday, April 16, 2012

Think he'd give me a key to the gate?

Over the weekend I stumbled upon an article in The State about a Greek shipping tycoon (is there any other kind of shipping tycoon?) purchasing one of the older plantations in South Carolina for a song.  The place definitely has character and a certain John Mellencamp flavor...

Medway Plantation, future quail
Medway Plantation
courtesy of The Post and Courier

At almost 6700 acres it's a good-sized piece of dirt and all of it is in conservation easements, a flicker of hope that maybe part of my state won't be a subdivision someday. It looks like he's in it for at least one of the right reasons:
(Gregory) Callimanopulos plans to reintroduce wild quail at Medway and use the Berkeley County estate as a personal getaway and hunting retreat.

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"Reintroduce" is a bit of a misnomer, the local quail underground telling me that enhancements will come from the native bobwhites already in residence.  I'm guessing that of any limiting factors, cost will not be one.

If any of you happen to know Mr. C, do me a favor and mention that a nice donation to our state's bobwhite initiative would go a long way toward establishing him as a good neighbor.

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