Friday, April 27, 2012

...and he shot some, too

The estate of legendary saltwater fly fisherman Billy Pate is being auctioned in Islamorada in a few weeks.  Estate sales and auctions are an interesting glimpse into the lives of the deceased regardless of how well or if you knew them.  Browsing the catalog online today I was only a bit surprised that he owned several Winchester model 50s.  For whatever reason a fairly dominant percentage of rod men are also gun men, even if to a lesser degree. There is a pair of what appear to be Gokey snake boots (hmmm....wonder what size he wore?) and I even spotted a bird dog sculpture in one of the photos.  And there's a leather gun case from Abercrombie and Fitch back when they used to make stuff for people over the age of fourteen whose diversions were not strictly hormone-induced.

Billy led a charmed life, having made enough money early on to pursue his passion with abandon.  There are plenty of wealthy folk who ride out their days puttering around with lines in the water and a drink in hand to pass the hours.  Billy was more than a dabbler - he went at it like it was the only job he'd ever land.  Nice work if you can get it.

If you have a few minutes the catalog is worth a look.  Fly fishing groupies might find a keepsake or two in the ten pages of offerings.  Scores of books and videos, all being sold in lots.  Keep your eye out for these on forums and eBay down the road.  Also quite a bit of art and more flies than you can shake a push pole at.  And yes, there are even a handful of push poles.

The link:  RW Oliver's Billy Pate auction

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