Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hope Springs

On my way back to town last Thursday I took a detour off the interstate to see if they'd burned any of the management areas I hunt in the Sumter National Forest.  One of the areas is a beautiful piece of land where I've had exactly zero success finding birds. Last season I ran into some serious rabbit hunters as they were packing up and asked if they'd seen any coveys. One replied that in all the time they'd hunted this tract they had not seen a single bird.

I drove by anyway and pulled over to stretch my legs, noticing that they had not burned this year and short of a well-timed lightning strike the brush would thicken considerably over the summer. I hadn't even closed the door to the truck when I heard a very lonely bobwhite giving it his all in hopes of finding some female companionship. Where's Chuck Woolery when you need him?

Yeah, you damn right I'll be back in the fall.

WMA land in Sumter National Forest

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